‘It will get better,’ says bullied 14-year-old trans girl

(Facebook/The BULLY Project)

Back in April we were introduced to Corey Maison, a 14-year-old transgender girl who was professionally photographed to bring awareness to bathroom rights. Now she’s back to share her story and how she overcame bullying.

Partnered with High Dive Heart and shared by The BULLY Project, the video shows Maison in the girl’s bathroom holding up cue cards that tell her story.

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“Hi I’m Corey I’m 14 years old,” reads the first card.

She then goes on to describe how despite looking happy right now in this video, there were points in her life where she had wished she was dead.

“When I was little I loved to play with dolls and play dress up. I loved painting my nails too. Wearing my moms high heels was my favorite! But only in the house. NEVER outside… Because I was born a BOY.”

She outlines how she didn’t have friends growing up. How she as bullied to the point where she came home every day in tears. One kid even told her that she should just die, that no one would miss her if she was gone.

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The bullying got so bad that her parents pulled her out of school and had her homeschooled, which she says was much better. Free to dress in girl’s clothing, she began to feel liberated but even still, she continued to be bullied in public. She describes an incident in a store where a woman took a picture of her with her cell phone and another simply laughed at her. It wasn’t until she saw the documentary about Jazz Jennings, a popular trans YouTube personality and LGBTQ rights activist that she started to feel like she wasn’t alone.

“She was a beautiful girl… That had been born a BOY!! I said to my mom ‘OMG, I’m just like her, I AM a girl!!’”

Seeing the film was a real turning point for Maison, helping her understand that there was nothing wrong with her, that she was transgender. At this point, she describes how she began working with a therapist to begin her transition, letting her hair grow out and taking hormones. Charged with now knowing who she was, Maison was ready to go back to school.

“My mom found a small school and set up a meeting with the principal. He was SO awesome and 100% ACCEPTING!!!”

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She explains that not only was she able to use the girls bathroom and locker room but she was also permitted to play on the girls soccer team. She’s now the happy girl we see in the video.

The video ends with her message to all kids.


And to those currently being bullied, she says, “This is temporary and it WILL get Better.”

Like her photo that quickly went viral, the video has already been viewed more than a million times with 1.5 million comments.

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