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The 6 dirtiest places on airplanes and at airports

Scroll through the gallery for the locations and surfaces you should steer clear from (or at least clean before and after using). (Photos: Getty)

The spot on a plane with the most germs? It's not the bathroom

As it turns out, airports and airplanes are much dirtier than your home.

A team from TravelMath sent a microbiologist to collect 26 samples from five airports and four flights — samples were sent to a lab to estimate the total bacteria population per square inch to to find out the dirtiest of all the locations and surfaces tested. Surprisingly, the bathroom didn’t top the list.

No. 1 is a surface commonly used on an airplane, but that most people wouldn’t think of sanitizing.

“The good news is that all 26 samples from airports and flights were negative for the presence of fecal coliforms such as E. coli, which can potentially be infectious,” study researchers stated.

Scroll through the gallery for the locations and surfaces you should steer clear from (or at least clean before and after using).

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