A $250,000 Bottle of Nail Polish. For Real

August 7, 2012

I'm completely nail obsessed.

If there is a new color, I've got to have it. If there is a new trend, I must master it. So when the subject line: "The World's Most Expensive Nail Polish" popped up in my email inbox today, I was giddy to click and find out what could possibly make it so pricey.

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Would it be liquid gold? Or contain micro-pearls? Turns out Azature, the world's "black diamond king," created a nail polish that contains black diamonds -- 267 carats worth, to be exact, which is what makes this bottle of polish cost a staggering $250,000.

I'm going to go and take a wild guess here, but my gut's saying that not even "the one percent" is going to spend a chunk of their hefty tax refunds on this bottle of black diamond-filled polish.

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And it seems like even Azature agrees. They only made one bottle of the stuff. And lucky for us common folk, they made skads more glitter-filled copycat bottles, priced at a much more reasonable $25.

What do you think? Is this clever marketing or just a silly stunt?

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