Co-worker Comes to Local News Anchors’ Defense After They’re Makeup Shamed

The Fox43 News Team just conducted a master course for anyone who likes to weigh in on others’ makeup.

The news broadcast has a segment called “Ask Evan,” in which news anchor Evan Forrester answers questions from viewers on any topic. This week, the newscast chose an issue directly related to the employees: the physical appearance of the female news anchors.

Anchors Jackie De Tore and Ali Bradley of Central Pennsylvania’s Fox43. (Photo: FOX 43)
Anchors Ali Bradley and Jackie De Tore of Central Pennsylvania’s Fox43. (Photo: FOX 43)

Bev S wrote in to ask why the journalists have to “wear so much makeup”: “My dearest Evan, perhaps you can tell me why the women who anchor FOX43, meaning Amy, Melanie, Jackie and most of all Ali, why, why they have to wear so much makeup? I mean really, their eyelashes look so phony and ridiculous that I can’t stand looking at them. I have to listen to them from another room.”

Forrester’s response can only be described as a thought-out mansplain of why people wear makeup — short answer, because they want to look good — especially on TV. “Everybody wants to look as good as possible. Whether it’s anchoring television news or teaching or going out for dinner,” said Forrester. Unfortunately, we seem to be in a world where that basic concept needs to be explained.

Forrester elaborated on just what HDTV means for makeup: “Seriously, the lights and cameras are harsh, and the only way to deal with that is makeup. And it’s not just the women. Pretty much everyone on television wears makeup. Todd and I wear makeup too. And yes, we have to apply it ourselves! No makeup artists here. It’s just part of the job. It keeps you the viewer from saying, ‘Ooh. He looks dead.’”

Photo: FOX 43
Ali Bradley, left, and Jackie De Tore with Evan Forrester. (Photo: FOX43)

The entire response is worth a watch. In a time when journalists are being shamed from every corner, it’s empowering to see an anchor stand so wholeheartedly behind his co-workers.

Yahoo Beauty spoke with Fox43’s Amy Lutz, who was one of the anchors referred to as a “Barbie doll.” In her 15 years in the business, Lutz says, she’s “heard just about every complaint. Prior to me losing about 35 pounds, I was called portly, fat, chubby, big bootied, you name it.” But the trolls never targeted the job she was there to do. “The sad thing to me is that none of the criticism ever had to do with my ability, my intelligence, or my journalistic integrity,” she says.

Lutz doesn’t let the negativity get to her — in fact, she felt supported by Forrester’s decision to answer what she views as a silly question. “There are WAY more important things to be worried about in this world!” she says. “We do not become journalists to wear makeup on TV. With or without makeup, you will never please everyone — so I just try to do what makes me feel good.”

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