Alberta photographer celebrates the beauty of motherhood in photo series

All images via Instagram/hobbs_photoandfilm

“There is little doubt that motherhood is a completely transformative experience that touches every aspect of our beings, and its mark on our bodies is no exception,” write Aimee and Jenna Hobbs, two Alberta-based photographers who have launched a social media campaign to celebrate women and their postpartum bodies.

“In a society that is constantly trying to tell us that what beauty is, women are beginning to push back.”

A few years ago, the pair noticed that a number of mothers were asking to be absent from their family portraits because they were ashamed of the way they looked after having children. This was heartbreaking.

Hoping to shake the stigma, each year they gather as many awesome moms as they can for a shoot that not only highlights the beauty of postpartum bodies, but celebrates what it physically means to be a mother.

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