Canadian influencer Alicia Mccarvell says she exercises for herself: 'So powerful'

The Halifax-based social media star says she has four reasons why she moves her body.

Alicia Mccarvell is firing back at "harmful" weight loss comments.

On Tuesday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a video of herself walking on a treadmill, lip-syncing the lyrics, "I don't give a f— about none of that sh—" from Asian Doll's song, "Nunnadet S—."

In the clip, Mccarvell included a screenshot of a comment she received that read, "Keep it up, sweetie. Soon you'll be thin and the guys will be knocking at your door."

In the caption to her post, the social media star explained why the note bothered her and reminded her more than 930,000 Instagram followers to refrain from commenting on other people's bodies.

"This is your friendly reminder that 'having men knock on your door' shouldn't ever be a reason to move your body, and anyone who only gives you attention because you're thin is trash," she penned.

"I'd be lying to you if I said comments about my body don't bother me because they do," Mccarvell continued, adding that any comment on her body — even if it's seemingly positive — makes her "extremely uncomfortable."

"I know the intent of these may not be malicious, but their impact can be harmful," she wrote.

"If my body changes, cool. But if it doesn't, that doesn't make me a failure. My body is going to do what my body wants and needs to do and I'm OK with that, and that's all that matters. Please remember, commenting on people's bodies can be harmful regardless of your intent."

In the comments, fans praised the Halifax-based influencer for sharing her thoughts.

"This. There is no good reason to comment on someone's weight gain or weight loss ever," one Instagram user commented.

Another added: "Thank you for saying this!"

"Well said," someone chimed in, while another fan wrote, "Girl, this is so powerful. Thank you."

"Preach! You're a queen. Keep spreading this very important message," a fan commented.

One person wrote: "Love this so much."

In January, Mccarvell shared an emotional letter to herself on Instagram, apologizing for the times she hasn't loved her body.

"Dear belly," she wrote, alongside a set of mirror selfies where she posed in unzipped black jeans and a black tank top. "I'm sorry for the tape I used to hide my belly button, but I couldn't stand thinking the crevice made me look like a glutton. I'm sorry for punching you when I was so angry with your sight. ... I'm sorry for stuffing you in tight spandex because I was afraid of seeing your lines.

"You didn't deserve to only be loved on in the dark."

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