Canadian amputee Allison Lang shuts down bullies with empowering video

Allison Lang has no time for haters.

Allison Lang says she loves to travel regardless of her disability. (Instagram/@allisonelang)
Canadian amputee Allison Lang hits back at former bullies in powerful video (Photo via Instagram/ @allisonelang)

Allison Lang has no time for haters.

The Montreal-based influencer and amputee shared an Instagram Reel addressing the school bullies who once shamed her for having a disability, proving that success is the best revenge.

In the empowering video, Lang proudly shows off her prosthetic leg while dancing in a hotel room, wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head.

In the on-screen text, the content creator sent a message to her former bullies.

"Dear bullies that made fun of my leg in school, I just got flown across the country to be in a commercial for the most well-known company," she penned.

Lang also included an inspiring caption reminding her fans not to "hide" their differences.

"This is just a reminder that your differences make you stand out. Don’t hide the real you," the self-love advocate wrote before recalling the bullying she endured when she was younger, and how it affected her.

"I was immensely bullied when I was younger, both emotionally and physically, for having one leg," she shared. "It affected me mental health and confidence so much that I had to change schools."

Lang admitted that at the time, she never imaged she would one day model for "huge companies."

"This just goes to show that beauty is subjective," she concluded. "Don’t listen to the haters."

In the comments, fans applauded Lang for overcoming her insecurities and not allowing bullying to hold her back in life.

"Good for you for not letting the haters stop you from doing your thing. You go, girl," a fan wrote.

Another added: "I love this for you."

"I’m so happy you have this opportunity and are sharing it. Lots of younger people like my daughter are in high school with disabilities right now and this is a great example that the future is limitless," someone shared.

"You’re doing more than they ever will!" an Instagram user weighed in.

In May, Lang shared another Instagram Reel fearlessly showcasing her prosthetic leg alongside the video, Lang included a note detailing her nearly lifelong journey to confidence.

"I was the only one at my school with a visible disability, so I felt alone and ashamed," she shared before revealing she was called "awful names like Pegleg and Barbie."

"I never wore shorts even in the hot summer months. When my classmates asked why I was limping I would make up countless excuses," she wrote.

She began to "wear dresses and capri pants," in university. "I was in small classes, so it was less intimidating. However, I still obsessed over how real my leg looked," she said, adding that she now lives "for myself rather than others."

"I like my prosthetic," she concluded.

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