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These 'durable' and 'reliable' BBQ gloves will protect your hands from burns — and they're on sale

Amazon shoppers say they help withstand hot temperatures with "no issue."

Grill restaurant kitchen. Cropped shot of chef in black cooking gloves serving smoked pork ribs.
Amazon shoppers say they help withstand hot temperatures with "no issue" (Getty Images).

The temperatures in Canada are soaring, which means it's time to get the BBQ out and grill up some delicious foods — and you might want to consider getting some hand protection while you're at it. Burns and heat-related injuries to grills, fryers and even ovens can result in serious pain, so having heat-resistant gloves could help save you from a world of hurt.

Right now on Amazon Canada, the RAPICCA BBQ Gloves — which have more than 17,000 ratings — are currently on sale, meaning you can take home a pair for less than $40. It's a limited-time deal, so if you're interested in these shopper-favourite gloves, scroll ahead for more details.

These BBQ gloves have a 4.4 rating on Amazon and more than 17,000 ratings. 

$36 at Amazon

The BBQ gloves are made of food-grade neoprene, which makes them resistant to fire, heat, boiling water and grease. Handily, this also means that they're stain-resistant and easy to clean.

The gloves feature a textured pattern, which helps prevent things from slipping out of your fingers. If you get BBQ sauce or grease on them, all you have to do is wash them with a bit of soap and hang them up to dry.

As well as offering protection from the grill, these gloves also come in handy for other activities where you need hand and forearm protection, like brewing beer, frying foods and even dying yarn.

The gloves on sale for $36 are a size 10, but there are two other sizes available, which do cost a little bit more.

🛍️ 17,000+ reviews

⭐ 4.4-star average rating

🏅 One person said they're "durable" and "more reliable" than other BBQ gloves they've tried.

The "Amazon's Choice" product has earned some rave reviews from shoppers.

One person claims they are "perfect" and that unlike welder's gloves, which can be stiff, this item is "flexible" and provides the "dexterity" needed for tasks.

Another shopper said that they were able to handle a 200-degree pork shoulder with "no issue" and that they were even able to shift the grate "without feeling any heat."

RAPICCA BBQ Gloves (Photo via Amazon), RAPICCA BBQ Gloves -Smoker, Grill, Cooking Barbecue Gloves, for Handling Heat Food Right on Your Fryer, Grill or Oven. Waterproof, Heat Resistant, Fireproof, Oil Resistant Neoprene Coating 14-Inch XL
RAPICCA BBQ Gloves (Photo via Amazon).

In terms of longevity, someone shared that the gloves are "very durable" and "more reliable" than previous gloves and brands they've tried in the past.

However, some warn that the gloves give off an unpleasant odour, with one shopper saying they "really smell rubbery" when they started wearing them.

As well, others warn that they are "rather bulky" and might not be suited for those with smaller hands.

With more than 17,000 reviews, shoppers say the RAPICCA BBQ Gloves are flexible, durable, and stand up to the hot temperatures that come with BBQs and grills. That being said, others do find that there can be a rubber-like smell and that they might be bulky on smaller people.

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