Amazing mom hack keeps kids busy when you’re on the go

tiktok mom hack video- how to keep kids busy
@theallwrightlife/ TikTok

Ever stroll through Target and wonder how to kids busy so their little hands aren’t constantly grabbing things from the cart? Well, this mom hack might just be the answer.

Tiffany Wright is a self-proclaimed crafty mom and her TikTok video about how to keep kids busy is definitely a testament to that.

You can never have too many mom hacks up your sleeve and this is one you’ll most likely want to remember for your next trip out of the house with the kiddos. Wright begins by sharing one of those clipboards that opens up and has a storage space for papers.

“Take a clipboard like this and fill it with some coloring pages, scrap paper, crayons and markers for easy fun on the go,” she says.

She also attaches an activity ring to a snack cup that conveniently holds the markers while your little one is sitting in shopping carts. That way the snack cup holds the markers and the activity ring attaches to your cart so it’s all within reach. Yes, those snack cups can be used for more than just healthy snacks for kids.

“It makes for the easiest activity when you’re in waiting rooms, doctors offices and out shopping.”

Let’s call it what it is: a game changer. Because keeping kids busy is such a hard thing to do but an idea like this, well, it takes the mom hack cake. Plus, there are so many free coloring sheets on the internet that can be downloaded and printed and ready to go with you. Everything from mermaid coloring pages to special holiday coloring pages.

And if your child likes to use their wonderful imagination to draw and color, then all you need are a few scraps of paper to keep them entertained while you grab groceries or run errands. Your child can keep busy with something hands-on instead of having electronics, which means no screen time guilt for you.

Comments on Wright’s TikTok mom hack show just how much other moms are loving this amazing idea.

“Genius!!! Thanks for sharing.”


“Oh my gosh game changer”

“love this idea


A version of this article was posted in April 2023. It has been updated.