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This 'magic' car-cleaning gel is a must-have, shoppers say — and it's on sale for $9

Keyboards, cars, vents - this cleaning gel does it all.

ColorCoral Keyboard Cleaner cleaning gel. Image via Amazon.
ColorCoral cleaning gel is a must-have for tough messes. Image via Amazon.

I always find that a clean workspace helps minimize distractions and keeps me focused during the day, but there are certain things that are trickier to keep clean than others. Desktops can be tidied with a spray bottle or wipes, but what about things like your keyboard or car vents?

Enter, the ColorCoral Universal Gel Cleaner. This popular cleaning hack tackles tough to reach areas, making quick work of household messes.

Even better, right now this "magic" cleaning gel is on sale at Amazon Canada, ringing in at just $9 — a savings of 39%.

This unique gel cleaner works on keyboards, car vents and more. 

$9 at Amazon

What is it?

The ColorCoral Keyboard Cleaner is one shopper-approved cleaning supply that’s currently on sale at Amazon Canada and makes it easy to maintain your home and office electronics, such as PC keyboards, cameras, printers, telephones, calculators, speakers, air conditioners, TVs and other appliances.

Made from lemon-scented biodegradable gel, simply knead the ColorCoral cleaner to soften it before gently pressing it into tough to clean cracks and crevices anywhere in your home or office.

Unlike some other cleaning agents, this one cannot be washed to remove the buildup of dust and dirt, but it can be reused again and again until its colour begins to darken, at which point it will need to be replaced.

What shoppers are saying

Backed by a 4-star rating from nearly 20,000 shopper reviews, this cleaning gel offers a great way to thoroughly clean your electronics.

One reviewer called this cleaning putty "magic," adding that "after one use" their car looked "just like new."

Another reviewer who "totally recommends" the cleaning gel says they've used it on everything from car air vents to computer keys and "small places that are hard to get dust off," also noting that it's "still useful" after many uses.

ColorCoral Cleaning Gel Universal Gel Cleaner. Image via Amazon.
ColorCoral Cleaning Gel Universal Gel Cleaner. Image via Amazon.

$9 $16 at Amazon

While the ColorCoral cleaner does manage to remove dust, dirt and crumbs from your devices, it may not be the most sustainable option around. Depending on the extent of your cleaning, you may find that it needs to be tossed after a single use, but as other reviewers have mentioned, you may be able to break up the gel into smaller pieces in order to extend its shelf life.

One shopper says they "recommend using a blob" — not the entire container — and throwing out the smaller piece when it gets dirty.


If you're constantly struggling with a dusty keyboard, crumbs or pet hair getting trapped in your keyboard, ColorCoral's Cleaner might be for you. However, if you're looking for a product that boasts longevity, you might want to rethink this purchase. Some shoppers have said this gel is a single-use product, depending on the level of mess you have to clean.

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