Amazon Is Having A Major Sale On Le Creuset Cookware for Prime Day

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Photo credit: Le Creuset
Photo credit: Le Creuset

Haven't you heard? Amazon Prime Day is finally here. For the next day-and-a-half, the e-tailer is shelling out thousands of deals that are so good, they almost seem too good to be true. (Keyword: almost. C'mon, this is Prime Day, people!) Just when I thought I'd seen all the best deals of the day, I stumbled across the holy grail of shopping: Amazon's super-secret Le Creuset sale.

ICYMI, Le Creuset is the gold standard of excellent cookware. Not only does the French brand use enameled cast-iron to cook ingredients quickly and evenly, but the colorful exterior also gives these pieces some dining room appeal. You might know and love Le Creuset for its covetable (and ever-so-versatile) Dutch oven, but the brand also has great stovetop grills, tea kettles, plus pots and pans.

Le Creuset might be the best cookware money can buy, but these pieces are no means cheap—until now. In honor of Prime Day, Amazon's slashing the price of a bunch of items. I'm talking a stovetop grill pan for under $100, a set of cooking utensils for $60, and $120 off of a sauteuse oven. But now that the secret's out, I doubt these deals will be in stock for much longer. So whether you want to add to your current Le Creuset collection or see what the hype is all about, now's a good time to add one piece (...or five) to your cart.

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