Artist creates incredible optical illusions with makeup

Prepare to have your mind blown.

People are freaking out over makeup and visual artist Dain Yoon’s Instagram account – and it’s easy to see why.

The 22-year-old from South Korea’s mind-bending account is filled with stunning optical illusions. And while it may seem like they’re digitally altered, she assures fans it’s all done with a brush.

According to the Daily Mail, Yoon, Korean National University of Arts, uses watercolours and makeup to carefully craft these impressive illusions.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Yoon said she started using the faces as her canvas “because of their ‘multidimensional characteristics’ regardless of 'first impressions.’”

“This is why I started drawing on the several parts of my body such as my hand and face. It looks like one face at first but it is overlapped in real,” she said. “The interesting point of my artwork is that people can find something new and tricky when they look into my artwork over and over. So this is the reason why I called my art as illusion art.”

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of her most amazing creations, and let us know what you think by tweeting @YahooStyleCA.

All photos via Instagram/designdain