Award-Winning 1937 Packard Twelve Model 1507 2/4-Passenger Coupe Is Available Now

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This is one of 42 made...

When you think of a classic car that combines luxury, style, and performance, there is one brand that may stand out particularly well. That has got to be Packard, at least for many enthusiasts with knowledge of the company. Models like this one, which was built in 1937, is a great example of exactly why a collector might consider purchasing the vehicle. A lot of it comes from the incredible rarity, having been one of only 42 known to have been created for its model year. However, what you're about to see is a list of reasons that made this car great from the factory and what makes it a great vehicle from an automotive and engineering point of view.

First of all, these cars came with a twelve-cylinder that would have put any straight-six or even eight-cylinder out of order in pretty much any race. Unlike most newer V10 or V12 engines, this particular powerhouse was built to utilize a lot of displacement and always shoot for the stars in terms of torque. In total, 473 cubic inches of displacement flow through the block creating a few really intense power and performance numbers for us all to gawk at. Thankfully, the engine has been rebuilt so that the motor should be pumping strong for many years to come.

The overall sense of awe one feels when looking at the old coupe is one that can only be explained by its unique styling. Even with the roof line, there is a lot of nuance for its time to be appreciated and without a doubt it would be hard to find anything like it on the road. Over the years, the chile has been well restored, maintained, and taken care of to keep its original style. The only thing left to be decided about the classic car is who will be the next driver. The car is available at Worldwide Auctioneers' Private Sales Gallery here.

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