This K-beauty serum reduces acne scarring and smoothes skin — and it's on sale for $24

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Now's your chance to save 40% on this K-beauty serum that soothes irritated skin. (Image via Getty Images)
Now's your chance to save on this K-beauty serum that soothes irritated skin. (Image via Getty Images)

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If you're a skincare fan, you've probably dabbled in the world of Korean beauty, a multi-billion dollar industry that focuses on affordable beauty and skincare products that deliver results. 

While many of us know to look for buzz words and ingredients like hyaluronic acid when we're seeking out anti-aging skincare products, many K-beauty brands feature unique ingredients that haven't gained as much popularity with Western consumers.

Be Plain, a cruelty-free uses natural ingredients like Centella asiatica in addition to popular ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid derivatives to help skin look healthy and vibrant. 

One of Be Plain's products, Centella Face Serum is currently available on Amazon Canada for just $24.

Be Plain Centella Face Serum

Be Plain Centella Face Serum - Amazon.
Be Plain Centella Face Serum - Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $24 (originally $27)

What is it?

Be Plain's Centella Face Serum uses Centella asiatica, a perennial flowering herb (also known as Gotu Kala and Indian pennywort) with antioxidant properties, sodium hyaluronate and chamomile flower extract to repair and restoe irritated and inflamed skin. Whether you're struggling with acne breakouts, dark spots or moisture-loss, the Centella Face Serum helps improve the overall appearance of your skin and restore a youthful glow. 

What people are saying 

Be Plain's daily serum has earned a 4.3-star rating based on more than 700 customer reviews. Amazon shoppers have called it a great option for anyone with sensitive skin looking to alleviate dryness or itching. 

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"I've used this product with hopes to calm my eczema around my lips. I get flare-ups during seasonal changes and my chin near my mouth gets super flaky and irritated. I've tried other products that have Centella asiatica but it wouldn't calm down and this was my last hope before I get hydrocortisone cream," one shopper wrote. "After using it once my skin calmed down right away. I woke up with no flakes and no redness, also the itchiness was gone. I haven't noticed much difference yet with dark spot correcting or anything since I only have been using it for a week but excited to see what this product can do for my face. The product gets absorbed into the skin right away and it is very watery and isn't sticky at all."

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"I was extremely skeptical about this product, but after two weeks I've noticed less redness and reduced acne scarring,"another wrote. "I highly recommend; nothing has ever worked for my skin, very happy to see these results. They weren't extremely dramatic, but it feels like my skin is smoother and there's hope for my skin."

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Some shoppers have commented that they were disappointed that the serum didn't provide more moisture or enjoy the "watery" consistency of the serum. Depending on your skincare needs, you might be happier with a moisturizer or a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid serum. 


K-beauty skincare is a booming industry for a reason. Products like Be Plain might be an unknown brand for most Western consumers, but with a little research and reading customer reviews, it might just be a game-changing clean beauty serum for your skincare routine. 

Since this product is all about soothing and restoring skin, it's ideal for someone with acne scarring, persistant breakouts or dry skin. If this sounds like you, be sure to take advantage of the Centella Face Serum's sale and save on your first bottle of serum.

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