Bella Hadid Wears Some Wild Double Jeans

We have to give it up for Bella Hadid. Her style never, ever fails to surprise us.

Of course, the model’s off-duty fashion month flair is no exception.

Between shows in Paris on Tuesday, Hadid stepped out in a denim look that truly boggled the mind. She bared her midriff in a NASCAR-esque red and white crop top with a zipped turtleneck and the word “woman” scrawled vertically up her right shoulder. Although fairly extra on its own, Bella’s tee is not the piece of this outfit that had us glued to our computer screen for minutes on end.

Hadid paired the top with jeans—but not just any jeans … The denim in question is torn at the knee so that the material on top edges over the jeans’ bottom section. And no, this is not the case of your typical ripped jeans—the denim above Bella’s knee is of a completely different wash and style of that below! It’s pretty much like she’s wearing a pair of Bermuda shorts over skinny jeans. Behold:


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In case you’re confused (and who wouldn’t be), here’s a glimpse at the backside of the double denim statement piece:


A post shared by Hadid News (@hadidnews) on Sep 26, 2017 at 11:00pm PDT

Despite appearances, Bella’s look is, in fact, a single garment.

In all our years of denim connoisseurship, we’ve never seen anything quite like this—Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake would be very proud.