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This small handheld fan is a heatwave 'lifesaver' and fits in your pocket

The pocket-sized fan features a torch and a USB port to charge your phone.

portable fan
The small but mighty portable fan you'll be glad you bought when July's predicted heatwave rolls round. (JISULIFE / Amazon / Yahoo Life UK)

Meet your new heatwave saviour. This nifty fan has 71% five-star reviews and is currently on sale in the lead up to Prime Day, reduced from £24.99 to a bargain £14.39.

Its clever design means that it's a compact, lightweight and effective way to sweat-proof yourself when you're on the go.

This portable fan won't just keep you cool, but can also charge your phone and has a torch.

£14 at Amazon

Not only will it help you keep your cool when you're commuting or on the go, but it also has a torch and a back-up power bank function that can charge your phone.

All that, and it won't take up too much room either, as it folds up so small it's genuinely pocket-sized.

Not only is this little handheld fan just what we need right now to stop us overheating, but the flashlight and power bank functions are bound to be a great additional asset to your bag. After all, how often does your phone battery let you down when you're out all day?

Speaking of battery life - this three-in-one fan offers up to 21 hours of cooling time from one full charge. And it is chargeable via a regular USB socket, so it can be charged through your laptop, power bank or your car charger.

The fan is also a useful addition for at home too, as you can fold it open and sit it on your desk while working from home, or on your bedside table when you sleep.

(JISULIFE / Amazon)
The fan can also be used as a flashlight and phone charger. (JISULIFE / Amazon)
(JISULIFE / Amazon)
The small but mighty fan has 21 hours of cooling power. (JISULIFE / Amazon)
(JISULIFE / Amazon)
It can be used as a handheld fan or placed flat on a desk. (JISULIFE / Amazon)

£14.39 £24.99 at Amazon

The blades are super safe, as well. They're made of a special, soft rubber material and if you accidentally touch them when they're rotating, they'll automatically stop.

At just 180g, this lightweight gem folds up so small that it not only completely hides the blades, but you can slip it into the pocket of your shorts if you go out sans a handbag. (It also comes with a lanyard if you want to hang it around your neck for ease of use.)

With over 6,000 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, this is a popular buy for many good reasons.

As well as the long battery life exceeding expectations, with shoppers saying it's "impressively long", many customers also commented on how "really powerful" this small, but mighty, gadget is.

Reviewers said it helped them through a scorching summer while pregnant, helped ease hot flushes, was a great on the go fan companion for their summer holiday adventures and of course kept them cool on tubes and trains throughout the warmer months.

Some of the most common pros include that it's small and compact, "really effective" and a "powerful little fan". Many say they would "thoroughly recommend".

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