Amazon's bestselling weighted blanket has more than 15,300 reviews - and it's on sale for up to 25% off

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The Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is on sale for 15% off through Amazon.
The Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket is on sale for 15% off through Amazon.

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Sleep is integral to our overall health — but between things like anxiety, restless leg syndrome or too much screen time, getting a good night’s sleep can prove difficult.

In recent years, weighted blankets have gained popularity as a way to improve sleep quality by helping to relieve overall stress by increasing feel-good chemicals in the brain like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin.

While there are plenty of weighted blanket brands on the market, they can prove to be an expensive purchase. Lucky, there are top-rated brands like Weighted Idea that are offering shoppers the chance to save up to 25 per cent on a weighted blanket through Amazon Canada.

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket  - Amazon, from $67 (originally fro, $90)
Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket - Amazon, from $67 (originally fro, $90)

SHOP IT: Amazon, from $67 (originally from $90)

What is it?

The Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea is designed to provide even distribution of weight through 5” x 5” squares of plastic beads in a six-layer temperature regulating fabric to provide the “gentle feeling of being hugged.” The ideal weighted blanket should be seven to 10 per cent of the body weight of whomever is using the blanket; using a heavier weight than is necessary could actually cause more sleep issues and put your body under unnecessary stress.

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Weighted Idea offers blankets within the five to 30 lb range for both kids and adults in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes (Twin, Full, Queen and King). Prices vary by size and weight. For example, a 20 lb blanket would be ideal for someone between 180-220 lbs and is on sale from $90 (originally $120), while a 15 lb blanket would be best for someone between 120-170lbs, and is on sale from $88.

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What people are saying

Weighted Idea’s blankets have earned an impressive 4.5-star rating based on more than 15,300 customer reviews. Shoppers have credited their weighted blanket with helping alleviate sleep issues including anxiety.

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“I bought the weighted blanket for my daughter and she loves it!,” one shopper write. “The blanket is soft and and the weighted sensation is so comforting but doesn't make you too warm when you're laying under it. She has noticed that she is able to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper throughout the night.”

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket- 20 lbs

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket 20 lbs - Amazon, $90 (originally $120)
Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket 20 lbs - Amazon, $90 (originally $120)

SHOP IT: Amazon, $90 (originally $120)

“I had this in my cart for a while before I finally pulled the trigger; turns out it was worth every penny,” another shopper said. “ It’s good quality and super comfortable. I've always liked a bit of weight to my blankets but wasn't sure whether this would be too much (it's not). I don't have any issues with being too warm under it. The size is great - I'm on a Queen sized bed and it's very good at staying in place. The only 'con' is that I find it much harder to get out of bed in the morning for work due to the fact that I wake up every day comfortable...As far as quality of sleep, I can say it hasn't completely eliminated the tossing and turning but it's definitely helped.”


If you’re already eating well, exercising and limiting screen — but still have sleep issues, it might be time to check out weighted blankets.

Weighted Idea’s range of sizes and weights make it easy to find the right blanket for you- and for a limited time only you can save on your purchase, too.

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