'Big Brother' contestant humiliated as boyfriend cheats on her on live television

There were some super shady actions going down on Big Brother Thursday night.

BB fans and fellow members of the jury were shocked and surprised to learn that Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn have started "hooking up," thus entering into a showmance in the jury house. Or as Dunn calls it: a "jurymance."

"Kat and Nick look extremely close. What has been happening in the past week in the jury house? I need to get updated stat," said Jessica Milagros. "Nick and Kat, their relationship has blossomed a lot. I think that they secretly really liked each other, and couldn't really do anything about it, and now they're busy doing other stuff together," said Analyse Talavera.

Meanwhile, Dunn shared, "Relationships definitely change between the Big Brother house and the jury house. Like Nick, for example. I hated him after I got evicted. But once you're, like, stuck in the jury house, like, you get your Big Brother goggles on and everybody starts looking real good." However, no one was as shocked as Christie Murphy, who was "speechless."

"Nick and Kat are a thing in this house. I'm speechless. Kat freaking hated Nick and now they're totally hooking up," said Murphy. "And, I'm sorry, but I thought Nick had a girlfriend when he left. So what about Bella?"

Since there are no live feeds in the jury house, Maccarone and Dunn have been able to get away with their affair without the public, and Maccarone's girlfriend, Isabella Wang, knowing. In fact, CBS even aired clips in which Dunn is seen and heard telling Maccarone, "They're going to get it on camera right now," and the two of them instantly separating.

So, what about Bella?

Since Wang was evicted before the start of jury and Maccarone is still technically on the show, the two have had zero communication, which means Wang found out about her boyfriend's affair with the rest of us.

Some viewers took to Twitter to show their sympathy for Wang, who simply tweeted: "I appreciate all of you."

However, a lot of users went savage on her because she wasn't one of this season's fan favorites. One person tweeted: "Actually she deserved every ounce of that shiz. I hope he embarrasses her some more."

Wang may have said and done some questionable things this season, but she doesn't deserve this humiliation and, honestly, we can't wait for the confrontation that's going to go down next week during the finale.