Canadian influencer shows off stretch marks in stunning photos: 'CelluLIT'

The Canadian body-confidence influencer shared a comparison of posed and unposed photos.

Sarah Nicole Landry (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry showed off her stretch marks on Instagram. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry is embracing her body from all angles this summer.

The Canadian body-confidence influencer — known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram with a carousel of photo comparisons, one posed and one unposed, from various angles.

Landry dazzled her followers in a bright orange Knix bikini.

"All angles. All forms. All summer long baby," she penned in the caption.

"And let’s not forget we aren’t statues... So it’s super cool and super fun and super freaking normal to like… break the pose.

"As someone said to me recently: CelluLIT, CelluLIFE," she quipped.

Fellow confidence influencer Alicia Mccarvell quipped in her comments, "orange you glad you bought that tripod."

Others praised Landry for her reminder.

"Thank you for this! It's because of creators like you that I'm wearing a bikini on my vacation in Jamaica right now! Much love to you!," one Instagram user commented.

"My gorgeous [13-year-old] niece has cellulite. It’s a part of life. There’s no escaping it," another added. "Good for you for paving the way for girls like her to see that it’s normal!"

One person said they were "thankful for these kinds of posts," adding: "They’re what I need to encourage me to be myself and wear whatever the f—- I want."

Landry, a mom of four, followed up on her grid post in her stories.

"We aren’t statues… we’re meant to have different angles and different ways that we move around," Landry said in the story. "It’s not the worst thing in the world."

"I have never heard a guy say 'this is my bad side,'" she pointed out.

She admitted she "definitely" falls into this trap and recalled hearing there’s "psychology behind it" — having a preferred side.

"We actually emotionally connect with one side of our face because that’s the side we express with the most."

Landry said she has moments where she holds her breath, "and it stings."

"How do we go and exist in the world and move around and have a good time when we feel in our brains that we have to be one type of pose all the time."

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