Blogger's viral post shows that 'changing rooms do not define you'

Krista Thurrott
<i>Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna</i>
Photo via Instagram/kenziebrenna

We’ve all had that moment in a public change room where the fluorescent lights seem to highlight everything you’re trying to hide — and those pants you just contorted into no longer make you feel good, but quite the opposite.

One blogger is fighting back against the change room narrative after trying on a pair of pants that look great while standing up, but, according to her, not good at all while sitting. Kenzie Brenna is a Toronto-based blogger and YouTuber who has amassed a large following because of her focus on body positivity and mental health.

Brenna recently posted a side-by-side photo of herself in a change room, highlighting a thought process many of us have experienced before.

“These pants look great on me when I’m standing up. But I’m not showing you that pic, I wanna show you how they slide the f— down when I sit and how they show parts of me that I’m like ‘why why why,’” she wrote. “Going into change rooms can be such a great source of anxiety for us. The lighting sucks, the mirrors are f—–, you’re lucky if the clothes fit and even if they do, do they ‘fit right?’ I’m sick of what’s right.”

When it comes to society’s standards, Brenna says she doesn’t put too much pressure on herself to fit in — and she’s learning to appreciate her body as it is.

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“I’m OK with not fitting into the ideals we’ve placed on ourselves and each other. I’m OK with my back dimples, my stretchies, my body. Because I don’t have another body to choose from. This is my home and this is what I have to experience the world. So forgive me why I give no shits, wear crop tops and own what I have. It’s time. It’s been time,” she wrote.

Brenna is a blogger that regularly contributes to the online community dedicated to body positivity and appreciation. Her feed is filled with positive affirmations and reminders that a healthy body doesn’t look the same on everyone.

With more than 15 million images tagged with #SelfLove on Instagram, it’s a topic that isn’t going away anytime soon — and Brenna’s followers appreciate her honest message.

“This message moved me Kenzie! I am so done and over caring about stuff that holds me back from living my life. You’re doing great!” commented one follower.

“Self love and acceptance. Think of all the things your body does for you on a daily basis. Its the only body you have and its unique,” added another.

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Some followers even made suggestions to avoid the negative self talk completely by shopping in vintage stores or reminding yourself there’s nothing wrong with your body, but rather the clothing you’re putting on it.

“I have pretty much stopped buying new clothes and instead find almost everything I need second hand. The changing rooms there are a lot less stressful and clothing sizes matter a lot less since every piece is unique. What is important is if I like the fit. I don’t know if it’s intended to be looser or tighter, because all I know about the piece is how it looks on my body,” commented one reader.

“My life saving mantra for changing rooms now is ‘it’s the clothes that are the wrong shape and size, not your body’. I still don’t always manage to stay composed when something supposedly ‘my size’ makes me feel like a potato, but it helps to remind myself that the solution is to find different clothes, not to try and hate myself smaller so they fit,” wrote another.

While her post won’t change the unfortunate settings of shopping mall change rooms, her gentle reminder to followers will inspire others to enjoy life regardless of what their bodies look like.

“I’m over caring so much about stuff that holds me back.”

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