Little Effort, Big Reward: 7 Eye-catching Finishing Touches to Add to Your Baby's Nursery

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Try Temporary Wallpaper
Skip the pricey wallpaper professional. Anyone can apply peel-n-stick wallpaper these days. You'll be glad you did when your kid starts to develop their own tastes in a few years.
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When it comes to decorating, I'm not a natural. Yes, I can buy the basics and handle some simple color coordinating, but beyond that I have to look to the pros for ideas, inspiration, and how-tos. Lucky for me (and you!), it's a lot easier than you'd think to turn a basic baby nursery into a beautiful one with a few simple finishing touches and the Internet is full of ideas and inspiration for how to do so. It's also easy to do so without breaking the bank! Here are 7 eye-catching finishing touches to add to your baby's nursery. - By Amy Heinz


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