Danielle Steel’s All-Time Favorite Reads

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Danielle Steel
Danielle Steel

Steel's Loves

A powerhouse author, Steel has penned more than 100 best-selling novels-and she's still going. Her latest work, Hotel Vendome, will be released November 1. But churning out dazzling fiction isn't her only hobby; the popular novelist also loves to revel in the work of others. Click through to see which tomes have inspired her the most. Photo credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

One of fiction's earliest portrayals of a strong, independent woman. "I love the humanity of Bronte's work."Photo credit: Len Lagrua/Woman's Day

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It's Your Time by Joel Osteen

"This book makes you feel as though you can make something better of yourself and your life, no matter what has happened to you." Photo credit: Len Lagrua/Woman's Day

Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan

Published when the author was just 18, this novel is about the power struggle between a young girl and her father's determined fiancée. "I wrote my first novel at 19, probably because of Sagan and this book." Photo credit: Len Lagrua/Woman's Day

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If Only It Were True by Marc Levy

A man falls for a beautiful girl hiding in the closet of his apartment only to discover she is the spirit of a woman on life support at a nearby hospital. "This whimsical love story touched me." Photo credit: Len Lagrua/Woman's Day

The Bible

"Even when I'm feeling tired or not in the mood, I try to read something out of it every day. It is a never-ending source of strength, stability and hope for me." Photo credit: Len Lagrua/Woman's Day

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