It's in His Kiss: 8 Quotes that Celebrate Love’s Greatest Gift
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I've shared a lot of earth-shattering kisses in my day, and even though the best kissers tend to be the worst partners, I still cherish every smooch and smack laid on me by every charmer I've tangled with. I've been intoxicated by kisses, so much so that the marks of certain encounters implanted themselves in my DNA. I can recall the exact sensations of a few of them, the sights and sounds and smells and tastes. I remember some sad kisses and some hopeful kisses, and some desperate ones, too. The memory of a good kiss can last for a lifetime, because the best kisses are soul stirring and leave you somehow changed, as if an electrode of bliss blew a fuse inside your heart. In celebration of love's greatest gift, here are 8 incredible quotes that capture the rapture and delight brought on by a world-class kiss. - By Carolyn Castiglia


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