Bride has Facebook meltdown over $100 cash wedding gift

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

Wedding season is among us and with that comes legions of advice from etiquette experts on how to navigate the tricky waters of such a formal occasion. What's one person's norm is another person's pet peeve. All the more reason we need formal rules to give us guidance, right?

Yet some rules are just blatantly obvious and go without saying, like never ever be ungrateful for a wedding gift you get.

This is why it is so painful to tell you of a bride recently featured in a Huffington Post article who had a serious lapse in judgement. Apparently, the bride didn't approve of the $100 cash wedding gift she received from her guest Tanya and Tanya's boyfriend.

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Tanya, a mere acquaintance of the bride, is a recent university graduate with student debt and a part-time job. But this was of no consequence to the bride who blasted her on Facebook with the following message:

Hi Tanya, how are you? I just want to know is there any reason or dissatisfaction of Mike's and I wedding that both you and Phil gave 50$ each? In terms of the amount we got from you both was very unexpected as a result we were very much short on paying off the reception because just for the cocktail + reception alone the plate per person is 200$ (as per a normal wedding range with open bar is about) and Mike and I both have already paid for everything else including decor, photography, attire etc and didn't expect we had to cover that huge amount for reception as well. As I know you both live together and work, so I did not see any reason for that amount, when it comes to your wedding hopefully you'll know what I mean. I hope for the best as from what we receive is what we will give back. Anyways, good luck on everything.

Sadly, it was only last month that we reported on another bride who similarly lost it on a couple who gave her a gift basket full of food as a wedding gift. The Hamilton, Ont. bride texted her guest the following stern note:

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"I’m not sure if it’s the first wedding you have been to, but for your next wedding … people give envelopes. I lost out on $200 covering you and your date's plate . … and got fluffy whip and sour patch kids in return. Just a heads-up for the future.”

We asked Shine readers to weigh-in on the appropriateness of the Hamilton bride's response and an overwhelming majority of you believed the bride was out of line.

So again we ask, is the $100 wedding gift appropriate? And what about the bride's response? Sound off in the comments.