Composite shows what the ‘perfect’ man and woman look like

·Caitlin McCormack
The perfect woman, as described by men.

UK-based lingerie company Bluebella recently asked a group of men and women to describe what the 'perfect' man and woman would look like to them.

Using celebrities who had their most idealized body parts, composite images of the 'perfect' man and woman have since been making their way across the Internet based on the poll results.

Women responded that they most desire the Duchess of Cambridge's hair (no surprise!), Cara Delevingne's face, Jennifer Aniston's breasts, Gwyneth Paltrow's stomach, and Emma Watson's hips (?!) atop of Elle Macpherson's gams.

For men, the ideal Franken-woman is even more cartoonish-looking. Scarlett Johannson's hair, Megan Fox's face and Kim Kardashian's breasts were just some of the 'perfect' physical attributes described.

Both genders voiced preference for pin-thin female celebs and beefy men. When it came to the ideal man, the genders were a bit more in agreeance as to which celeb's features were most desirable, with both Brad Pitt and David Beckham making it into the top body parts.

For women, the ideal man has hair like Harry Styles (really?!), Jamie Dornan's face, Brad Pitt's biceps and David Beckham's legs. The men's depiction of the ideal man is stereotypically more jacked.

Men say they'd most like Brad Pitt's hair, David Beckham's face and Hugh Jackman's biceps atop of Frank Lompard's legs.

What do you think of the poll results? What would the ideal man/woman look like to you?

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