Fashion trends and moments of 2012: A year in review

Jordana Divon
Contributing Writer
Shine On

For the sartorially inclined, 2012 proved a year of standout trends, both dubious and divine. Here’s a rundown of some of the year’s top fashion moments.

Olympic style

The spotlight on the Summer Games in London brought athletic wear into the fashion forefront. No longer the sole domain of athletes, tracksuits and their spandex-based counterparts could be spotted far from the gym as fans got into the Olympic spirit.

Tangerine dream

This year’s official Pantone colour selection wasn’t for everyone. It takes a certain boldness (not to mention a certain complexion and hair colour) to pull off the bright hits of tangerine that rolled down the runway. But for those lucky folks who could rock the orange hue, tangerine made for a bold accent on everything from frocks and jackets to belts and bags.

Round glasses

John Lennon made them iconic, but style stars from Iris Apfel to Lady Gaga created a buzz around these coke-bottle glasses this year. Though it takes a strong jawline to pull these babies off, the New York Times notes that designers embracing the trend made their lenses slightly more angular to accommodate a wider range of faces.


This look certainly has its fans, but as Kristen Stewart learned just recently, semi-sheer is not always a woman’s friend. With a few well-placed layers, however, the look can go from frightening to fabulous.

Diaper pants

These pants may have a proper name, but the baggy, droopy-crotched look made famous by our very own Justin Bieber resembles a derailed Depends commercial more than a fashion statement. Speaking of the Biebs, his overalls look for meeting the Prime Minister did not win him any fashion points in October.

Jumpsuits (onesies)

In Britain, they’re all the rage these days. As winter sets in, these one-piece jammies, er… jumpsuits can be seen on children and adults alike – all the way from the home to High Street. Casual chic taken to the next level.

Rebel yell

Metal studs aligning leather jackets, gloves, even cotton t-shirts conjured up images of 80s bikers co-existing in perfect harmony with high-maintenance urban fashionistas. Stranger things have happened.

High-waisted pants

The polar opposite of the aforementioned diaper look, these ribcage huggers took the old man pants joke by the zipper and turned them into one of this year’s hottest trends.


Spotted on nails, shoes and even sweater fabrics, metals were molten hot in 2012, giving a little extra lustre to girls who like to get their shine on.

Bold prints

Not for the meek, bold prints demanded our attention on everything from pretty summer dresses to cigarette pants.