Working mothers vs. stay-at-home moms: Study many similarities among Canadian moms

While the debate has raged for years about the best type of mother — stay-at-home moms or working moms — a new study has found that both groups of mothers have a lot more in common than many thought.

According to a new study released by Citizen Relations, both working moms and those who stay at home made their respective decisions in order to benefit their families.

While 70% of working moms said their decision was based on what made the most financial sense for their family, 66% of stay-at-home moms put the well-being of their children as the number one reason for their choice. For both groups, one third felt that it was important for their children to see them in their chosen role.

Another finding found even more common ground among moms, with both groups saying they see the alternative as a viable and valuable alternative.

That said, most moms indicated that they wanted to work, with half of all stay-at-home moms saying they'd be willing to make a change and join the workforce if given the option, while 20% of working moms said they'd leave their careers behind all together should the opportunity arise.

While work is important to mothers, 1 in 6 said they don't need work in order to be happy and the majority self-identify as mothers first before their profession.

The study also found that one third of all moms agree that the most precious commodity in their lives is time alone. Given a couple hours to herself, most moms say they'd like to catch up on some reading, sleep or exercise.

For the two-thirds of moms who would opt for $200 instead, a little pampering or something special for herself is how she'd choose to spend the extra cash. Perhaps not surprisingly, a great many moms would share even this indulgence with their family.

See more stats from the study in the infographic below.

Tell us: How do these findings compare with how you see yourself as a mother?