This Brazilian woman looks like a real life Elsa

All image via Instagram/damianiandressa

“Frozen” may have come out in 2013 but the hype is still going strong. 

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From new babies named Elsa, themed birthday parties, Halloween costumes and weddings, “Frozen” fever isn’t showing any signs of dying down. 

Taking this to the next level is Brazilian veterinarian and beauty vlogger, Andressa Damiani Valcanaia, who calls herself a “real life Elsa” and a “human doll.”

“I love when people compare me to dolls or Disney’s Elsa on the street now,” she told The Mirror. “I really identify with her character.”

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The 23-year-old claims she was teased as a kid for her delicate frame and enlarged eyes. Now, she emphasizes these features by wearing contact lenses and over drawing her eyeliner to get that doll stare. 

Click through the gallery above to see what Elsa would look like IRL.