'Neither of these photos reflect the way I see myself': Influencer pens body-positive note

'You can’t give your appearance so much power over your happiness, because it’s forever changing.'

Bree Lenehan is sharing an important reminder that our appearances are "forever changing."

On Sunday, the body-positive influencer took to Instagram with a carousel of side-by-side comparison photos. She showed off the many different ways her body looks depending on her pose, outfit, hairstyle and makeup, or the camera angle and lighting.

Lenehan paired the post with a powerful caption about self-perception.

"Neither of these photos reflect the way that I see myself or my body, and yet, all are me," Lenehan began. "How is it that in one photo I can have ab lines, yet a couple of seconds later in the next, I have a soft belly with rolls and folds?"

The self-love advocate explained that human bodies are capable of taking on many forms and appearing differently from "time-to-time, photo-to-photo, angle-to-angle and pose-to-pose. And your body and appearance aren’t always as you perceive it either."

The Australian influencer urged her followers not to give their appearance "so much power over your happiness because it’s forever changing."

Lenehan concluded by pointing out that there is no amount of "self-improvement" that can compensate for "a lack of self-acceptance."

"We are all our own harshest critics," she penned, adding that there is no physical "transformation that will cure your negative self-talk."

"Once we realize we’re all in the same boat, the sooner we might stop giving so much power to the way that we look and start being kinder to ourselves instead," Lenehan wrote.

In the comments, fans applauded Lenehan's "refreshing" perspective.

"You're real AF and it's so refreshing. Humans look different all the time depending on so many factors," an Instagram user wrote. "Thank you for sharing this! Needed it today."

"You are an inspiration, Bree," added another.

One person commented: "Thank you for being so open and honest and having the strength to put yourself out there, and knock down these unfortunate and unreasonable constraints that we have on ourselves and our body image."

In February, Lenehan shared another message about self-acceptance, encouraging her fans to speak to themselves "like someone you love."

She asked her readers to "picture someone telling" a loved one "'You’d be more loveable if you were thinner.'"

"I would never let someone speak to my loved ones that way," she continued.

Lenehan urged her followers to ask themselves: "'Am I okay with someone speaking to my loved ones that way?' If your answer is no, then why is it okay for you to speak to yourself like that? Start speaking to yourself like someone you love."

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