Influencer Bree Lenehan gets real about 'girls on Instagram vs. girls in real life'

Bree Lenehan isn't letting social media fool her.

Earlier this week, the 26-year-old took to Instagram to post a series of photos that reminded her 670,000 followers not to believe everything they see online.

In the post, the body positive influencer shared a series of side-by-side photos of her in a neon green workout set. The snaps showed off her body in a posed versus unposed fashion to highlight how common things like stretch marks and belly rolls are — even for influencers.

"Just your weekly reminder that it’s OK to exist with cellulite, fat on your body, loose skin, rolls, pimples, softness, and in all of those 'less flattering' angles," she began in the caption.

Lenehan also discussed the concept of "Instagram vs. reality" and told fans to love their natural bodies.

"People joke about 'girls on Instagram vs. girls in real life' or catfishing in general…These jokes are based around people looking better online than they do in real life because they post images they feel good in...versus all the little things we’ve been told are flaws like cellulite, breakouts, rolls, body fat," the social media star shared. "You don’t have to be picture perfect all the time…That doesn’t make you a catfish, less beautiful, or less love-able. That is literally just part of being human!"

The Australian influencer further encouraged fans to not worry about what anyone else thinks of you.

"I realize I don’t owe anyone 'perfect' and I can just be me, however that looks. Nobody is judging you as much as you judge yourself, they’re all focusing on themselves! The only approval you need is your own…Being comfortable in your skin is pretty much a superpower!" she said. "Don’t let your mind (or anyone else’s) bully your body and determine your happiness/confidence."

In the comments, fans praised Lenehan for keeping it real on social media.

"Honestly yes. Thank you for this. Exactly what I needed to hear and see!" commented a follower.

"Finding you on instagram a few months ago changed my life. Thanks for existing," shared someone else.

"Thank you for those reminders. Social media has the power to shift our perceptions of what’s normal," wrote another.

Every Monday, the self-love advocate shares with fans her latest instalment of "Real Me Monday," an ongoing series where she aims to combat the diet industry and expose the tricks social media stars use to make their bodies look a certain way — which experts believe can trigger eating disorders and depression among young people.

In July, Lenehan posted another series of photos to call out the difference between "Instagram vs. reality."

In the left side of each photo, the influencer posed her body to look svelte and fit, while on the right she posted the outtakes or unposed versions in the same outfit to show fans the false realities of social media.

"We’re shown posed, filtered, perfected, edited and carefully curated images online...But we’re not always shown the every day, no makeup, living in slacks, oily hair, unedited, unposed reality," she penned.

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