Influencer filmed her stomach 'across 24 hours' to show how bodies fluctuate

Bree Lenehan is back with another body positive post.

On Wednesday, the 26-year-old took to Instagram to share an empowering video with her 682,000 followers about embracing your authentic self.

In the clip, the influencer filmed how her stomach "changes across 24 hours" to show fans that bloating is a normal human experience.

Lenehan stitched four small clips together, in the morning, midday, afternoon and night, revealing how her stomach expands and changes as the day progresses. At the end of the clip, she smiled and rubbed her belly while the words "you're good enough" appeared on the screen.

In the caption, the self-love advocate opened up about the shame she used to associate with her body.

"Even as a 'slim' person, my belly is never flat ... not even at the start of the day. I always have a little bump at the bottom of my tummy, and that continues to grow across the day," she penned. "This is something that I was always so ashamed of ... but bloating happens for all sorts of reasons."

Lenehan went on to explain that bloating occurs because of the food you eat, the changes in hormones when women are on their period, from swallowing air or eating too fast, or due to "more serious" conditions like IBS or food intolerances.

Later in the caption, the Australian added that because bloating and bodily changes are common, you must "be kind" to yourself.

"Our human body does so much for us. Bloating is just one way it responds to the above listed things. ...You should never be unkind to yourself for eating and noticing your body change across the day," Lenehan wrote. "You should never feel bad because you have a tummy full of vital organs! You need food and fat on your body to survive. It’s not the enemy, it's energy!"

The influencer concluded the post with a motivational message for her followers.

"Be kind to your ever-changing body and to all my 'gut health' girlies who don't always know if their gut is actually doin' OK, what triggers these changes or why their belly changes so much, you're not alone!" she shared. "It's OK if you don't like what you see, but I hope you know you're good enough!"

In the comments, fans praised the body image supporter for her vulnerable yet "relatable" message.

"So relatable, so real. Thank you!" commented a follower.

"My tummy is quite flat in the mornings, but definitely not in the evening. It can definitely stir up negative emotions, but I do try not to let it," shared someone else.

"I really needed to see this today and to know that I'm not alone. Thank you for making me feel more beautiful and confident in my body, and thank you for spreading positivity!" added another.

"I don't know how you do it, but you're a real hero for women everywhere who are struggling with accepting their bodies," wrote a fan.

Over the years, Lenehan has gained a following for her inspirational content that highlights the differences between "Instagram vs. reality" — which reminds her fans not to believe everything they see online.

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