Influencer Bree Lenehan wants you to stop being 'at war with your body'

Bree Lenehan is back with another body positive post. (Photo via Instagram/@breeelenehan)
Bree Lenehan is back with another body positive post. (Photo via Instagram/@breeelenehan)

Bree Lenehan is on a mission to help you love your body.

Earlier this week, the body positive influencer took to Instagram to share a video about body image and compassion with her more than 723,000 followers.

In the clip, the 26-year-old filmed various parts of her body, including her stomach, legs and arms, to show fans that body fat, cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin are normal and beautiful.

On-screen, the social media star opened up about how we often want to change things about our bodies.

"When you were 12, you wanted a smaller tummy, less body hair or thinner thighs. When you were 16, you wanted a smaller waist, a bigger bum or a smaller nose. When you were 26, you wanted tighter skin, your teenage body back and to be less wobbly," she penned.

Lenehan went on to explain that as you turn 40 or 50, you'll wonder why you never embraced your innate beauty, and you might regret looking at your body with dislike.

In the caption, the influencer explained that picking apart your body will never be beneficial.

"You have always been at war with your body, picking it apart, filling it with thoughts that it isn't good enough, that you want to change it and wish parts of it away... But that hasn't worked, has it?" she wrote.

Lenehan went on to explain that she'd "hate" for her fans to spend their lives belittling themselves.

"I'd hate for you to spend your whole life bullying yourself, feeling unhappy in your skin, letting it hold you back from wearing what you want or living your life fully, only to grow old in time and regret ever looking at your body with dislike or disgust," she said. "One day, your body will ache, wrinkle and sag in places you never realized it would...If you can't be kind to yourself now, then when?"

At the end of the post, Lenehan gave fans an inspirational piece of advice.

"Give yourself a little compassion. Your body loves you... Love it back?" she concluded.

In the comments, people thanked the self-love advocate for the motivational and "needed" message.

"This is so true, I think this all the time! When we get older, we will look back and wonder why on earth we ever looked at our body in such a negative way...Thank you for this!" commented a follower.

"Much needed, truly. This is really powerful," shared someone else. "Thank you for this."

"Thank you for reminding us all to love our bodies, it's so important!" added another.

"Don't stop posting this kind of stuff, it's so helpful and will help women (or men, too) everywhere," wrote a fan.

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