Bride's wedding day math quiz for guests stirs debate online

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Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

Many couples include unique details in their wedding that reflect their interests. However, one bride and groom in particular are raising eyebrows for how they plan to seat guests at their nuptials.

In a post to the Reddit thread “Bridezillas,” a screenshot from a Facebook group for an upcoming wedding between two mathematicians reveals the couple’s plans to quiz each of their guests before dinner.

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“At dinner, guests will be required to answer mathematical question in order to find out where they sit,” the bride explained in the post. “Every guest/couple will be presented with a unique bespoke question: Its difficulty and subject matter drawn directly from what we know their mathematical background to be.”

Image via Reddit.
Image via Reddit.

According to the bride, many of the guests will have a “research-level” background in mathematics. While most brides are worrying about table settings and coordinating wedding day logistics, this bride-to-be said she’s been spending her time delving into each of her guest’s published theses to create personalized math questions.

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“It’s been a rather consuming but very entertaining process to look at all kinds of papers that I wouldn’t normally look at,” she said. “Like, for example, set theory!”

Reactions online have been mixed. While many think the couple’s request is “really cute” many think it’s an off-putting task for guests who just want to enjoy themselves sans homework.

“That’s one way to subtract a lot of guests from your wedding,” a Reddit user joked.

Image via Getty Images.
Image via Getty Images.

“Upon looking into my background, they would like decide to just sit me at the kid’s table,” said another.

Some took a more practical approach to the request by noting the problems it could cause for the venue staff.

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I work at a wedding venue and we get lots of couples who think of games, puzzles, etc. for finding seating assignments. What ends up happening is everyone gets their table from the wedding planner or the caterer with the seating spreadsheet,” user eighteen_forty_no wrote. “During the cocktail hour, no one has time for this sort of thing – get your drink, get your appetizers, get your photo-booth pic, say hi to friends, and get to your seat.”

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