Can you spot Meghan Markle's fashion faux pas?

Elizabeth Di Filippo

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Royals – they’re just like us!

Meghan Markle committed a minor fashion faux pas during a recent visit to Birmingham with fiancé Prince Harry.

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At first glance, Markle looked picture perfect and disgustingly adorable matching her husband-to-be in a navy Italian stadium coat from J.Crew. However fashion experts were quick to zero in on a teeny tiny detail the rest of us peasants may have overlooked: The “X” stitching, called a tailor’s tack, was left on the back of her coat.

Notice the “X” on the bottom of Meghan’s coat? That’s a tailor tack. <i>(Getty Images)</i>
Notice the “X” on the bottom of Meghan’s coat? That’s a tailor tack. (Getty Images)

According to the Daily Mail, the loose stitching on the back of the coat is meant to help keep the garment’s shape during transport or while on display. The tack keeps the back of the soon-to-be royal’s vented coat closed, and should be removed after purchase to avoid “embarrassing” moments like this.

Since making her royal debut, Markle has taken to public life like a fish to water. This minor misstep may have haters calling this is a rookie move but the rest of us are running to our closets with scissors in search of tailor’s tacks.

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During the same appearance, Markle sported a diamond encrusted cross bracelet from Birks’ Rosée du Matin collection, which is believed to have been a gift from her recent baptism.

Meghan Markle shows off her Birks’ bracelet. <i>(Getty Images)</i>
Meghan Markle shows off her Birks’ bracelet. (Getty Images)

It’s reported that she was recently baptized into the Church of England in a 45-minute ceremony in the Royal Chapel at St. James’s Palace in London with Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in attendance.

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Although it wasn’t mandatory for her to convert ahead of her upcoming nuptials, the move is being seen as a sign of respect to Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Since Markle’s been busy being baptized into a new faith and preparing for her May 19 wedding to one of the most beloved royals in history, we think she deserves a pass on this whole coat fiasco. Call us when she wears something inside out or backwards.

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