Canadian TV personality Kelsey McEwen reveals where her confidence comes from: 'Words of wisdom'

The mom-of-three says its important to 'celebrate' whatever makes you feel confident.

Kelsey McEwen encouraged followers to do whatever makes them feel confident. (Image via Getty Images)
Kelsey McEwen encouraged followers to do whatever makes them feel confident. (Image via Getty Images)

Kelsey McEwen is encouraging her followers to practice self-love.

The Canadian meteorologist for CTV's "Your Morning" shared an Instagram reel on Monday, giving a candid glimpse into her routine as an on-air reporter. In the video, she showcased her transformation before and after getting camera-ready.

The video began with McEwen posing makeup-free and on-screen text that reads: "How I roll into work vs..." before transitioning into a clip revealing McEwen's polished on-air look: a purple long-sleeve floral maxi dress. "The final look before heading into the studio," she added.

McEwen offered heartfelt advice on cultivating self-confidence in her caption, writing, "Sometimes confidence comes in the form of a killer outfit. Sometimes confidence comes from the work you've done to accept yourself. Sometimes confidence comes from simply being around people who are good to you.”

She acknowledged the common struggle of being self-critical and encouraged her followers to practice celebrating themselves more often.

"If you’re anything like me, you're probably way too hard on yourself, way too often. So whatever helps you shine the brightest… Celebrate it," the mom-of-three penned. "Take a moment for it. Repost it. Flex that muscle. Because the more you practice loving yourself, the better you get at it."

"Be kind to yourself," she concluded.

Fans praised McEwen for the important reminder in the comment section.

"Awesome words of wisdom. Thank you for the reminder to be kind and confident with ourselves — I needed to hear it!," an Instagram user wrote.

"This resonates with me so much!," someone exclaimed. "Especially working in the industry we're in."

"So genuine," added another.

"Kelsey, before and after, you're a knockout!," a commenter shared.

In December, McEwen shared even more candid advice about cultivating confidence. In an Instagram Reel giving her followers a glimpse into her life as a mom-of-three, she can be seen practicing positive self-talk with her two-year-old daughter Charlotte in January 2023 and again in January 2024, documenting her progress.

"The difference a year makes," the TV host penned in the on-screen text.

McEwen went on to detail the importance of speaking positively about oneself in the caption, writing, "If we speak it, we believe it.

"Daily affirmations make a big difference in my life," McEwen wrote. "But in my kids? The effect is tenfold. I can immediately see how saying, out loud, things like 'I am loved. I love myself. I won't give up' changes their entire view of the task ahead, and how much grace they grant themselves."