Kelsey McEwen says positive affirmations have impacted her kids 'tenfold': 'It's not about 'good vibes only'

She says she benefits positive self-talk, but the effect is 'tenfold' in her kids.

Kelsey McEwen is encouraging parents to teach their children daily positive affirmations. (Getty)
Kelsey McEwen is encouraging parents to teach their children daily positive affirmations. (Getty)

Kelsey McEwen is reminding her fans about the importance of positive self-talk.

The Canadian meteorologist shared an Instagram reel on Tuesday showing herself and her two-year-old daughter Charlotte, practicing a positive affirmation. The video contrasts two moments: one from January 2023 and a recent clip from January 2024, highlighting the year-long journey of McEwen and her daughter's self-love.

In the 2023 clip, McEwen is seen holding her daughter, and saying with her: "I can do anything!" The 2024 footage shows the progression of this practice, with the mother-daughter pair confidently repeating the mantra.

"The difference a year makes," the TV personality penned in the on-screen text.

McEwen detailed the importance of speaking positively about oneself in the caption, writing, "If we speak it, we believe it."

She revealed the impact daily positive affirmations have had on her mood and self-esteem. She also shared the "tenfold" effect it has had on her children, changing their approach to challenges and encouraging self-compassion.

"Anecdotally, daily affirmations make a big difference in my life, in my overall mood, outlook on the day and acceptance of myself," McEwen wrote. "But in my kids? The effect is tenfold. I can immediately see how saying, out loud, things like 'I am loved. I love myself. I won't give up' changes their entire view of the task ahead, and how much grace they grant themselves."

Rejecting the notion of toxic positivity, McEwen clarified, "It's not about 'good vibes only.' We don't do that kind of toxic positivity here. It's about acknowledging and making space for all feelings, and when the hard no longer serves us, we nurture and grow the positive."

She also highlights the scientific basis for affirmations, writing, "Psychologists have studied self affirmations since the 1980s, and research shows short, simple phrases that highlight our potential and belief in ourselves changes our brains, in areas like self related processing, and rewards."

In the comments, fans applauded McEwen's parenting style.

"This is so lovely!," one Instagram user shared.

"You are such a great mom! They are very lucky kids," added another person.

"Instilling confidence and a sense of self-worth is the greatest thing a parent can do for their children," a fan added.

"You're a great mom," someone else chimed in.

Last month, McEwen shared another parenting tip with her Instagram followers. Offering a glimpse into her busy life as a mom of three, the CTV "Your Morning" meteorologist balanced preparing food in her kitchen while Charlotte, sat securely harnessed to her chest in a carrier.

In on-screen text, she revealed the "one thing" that has consistently helped her through difficult parenting challenges.

"I don't have a lot of mom hacks because I think you know your baby best. But the one thing that has consistently helped meltdowns and tough days with all three of my kids is connection," she shared. "Carrier when they are small. Cuddles on the couch. Watching their favourite show together. Sharing a special treat. Your time is a gift."

"Connection," she added. "And if that fails, call it a day and try again tomorrow. You've got this, mama."

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