Canadian man finally receives Canada Post package after 8 years

Arun Srinivasan
A Toronto resident finally received a package after an eight-year wait. (Getty Images)

Good things come to those who wait, even if the wait is longer than one could ever reasonably expect.

A Toronto resident named Elliot Berinstein finally received a package of Brylcream on May 6, eight years after he ordered it. Berinstein forgot about the package but quickly figured out what happened upon receiving his long-lost parcel, noting that it went to his Ottawa address at first.

He said that the company agreed to ship the Brylcream to his Toronto address, but the package never came in and he eventually gave up.

“I opened it and inside was an invoice from 2012 and it was a tube of Brylcream I ordered in 2012,” Berinstein said to CTV News.

“I started laughing because I thought it was pretty funny that it came eight years later.”

Berinstein’s experience certainly resonates during the COVID-19 pandemic as many consumers have been forced to shop online and use Canada Post in the absence of brick-and-mortar stores being open.

Canada Post released a statement earlier this week stating it is receiving unprecedented parcel volumes and asked Canadians for their patience as items are inevitably delayed.

This message hasn’t been well-received by some, however.

Canada Post’s explanation was more than reasonable but here’s to hoping that all of us don’t have to wait two Olympiads like Berinstein to get our new clothes, coffee, hair cream, or whatever the case may be.