Canadian amputee Allison Lang opens up about the 'peek' of her 'body-image insecurities' in 2023 recap

She shared her triumphant moments and tearful struggles.

Canadian content creator Allison Lang opens up about
Canadian content creator Allison Lang opens up about "challenging" year. (Instagram/@allisonelang)

Allison Lang is opening up about the difficult challenges she faced in 2023.

The Canadian amputee and self-love advocate took to Instagram on Friday with a candid look at the ups and downs of her 2023. Lang's video, containing clips of triumphant moments and tearful struggles, included on-screen text urging her followers not to compare their lives to what they see on social media.

"Remember, social media is a highlight reel. Someone's life can look great in a 2023 recap while also looking like this at the same time," she penned.

In the caption, the Montreal-based content creator acknowledged the discrepancy between her public achievements and personal struggles, shedding light on a year that, for her, was one of the 'toughest' in a 'long' time.

"I struggled this year," Lang confessed. She detailed a laundry list of challenges, including months of immobility, clashes with the healthcare system, business setbacks, intense migraines, burnout, physiotherapy, personal loss and "the peek of my body-image insecurities."

"It’s okay to go through these things; we all do. But please never compare yourself to someone online. I promise you there’s always lots going on behind the scenes too," she emphasized, encouraging fans to steer clear of the comparison trap.

Lang wrapped up the caption with a message of self-acceptance and a call to prioritize personal well-being: "If all you did was survive 2023, it’s alright; just focus on yourself this coming new year instead of pushing too hard for other goals."

She revealed a significant personal goal for 2024, writing, "I started seeing a therapist this year & want to focus more on my mental health in 2024. That’s a big goal for me."

Lang's post garnered praise from fans in the comments for her inspirational message.

"You’re bad—- and awesome and I admire you endlessly," an Instagram user commented.

"You are absolutely right," someone wrote. "Thank you for being real."

"Such an important message. We can only uncover greatness through struggles," added another.

"This post is so inspirational! Thank you for being so real! Thank you for sharing. This is so important. Wishing you good health and happiness in the new year!," a fan shared.

In October, Lang fired back at criticism about her modelling career with an Instagram reel of herself walking the "Cashmere Canada" runway, proudly showing off her prosthetic leg.

She paired the clip with a caption that hits back at some of the negative remarks she has gotten for being a model, including, "She thinks she's a model now," "She should let that dream go," and "It's so cringe."

"The best one is 'she only got that job because of her leg.' Well, I hope so!," she responded in the caption. "I hope brands and businesses are making it a priority to hire disabled talent. Remember, the opinions of people trying to tear you down don't matter."

"Keep doing what you love," she added.

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