Canadian amputee Allison Lang responds to comment on posting in underwear 'so much'

The Montréal-based influencer said being in underwear gave her confidence.

Allison Lang has a message for the haters.

Over the weekend, the Canadian amputee took to Instagram with a set of three photos posing on a sofa, wearing an off-white pair of underwear and a matching bralette from the UK-based loungewear brand, Lounge.

In the caption, the Montréal-based influencer took aim at a commenter who criticized her for posting too many photos wearing underwear.

"Spend more time in your underwear. I promise it’ll help boost your confidence," Lang penned for her more than 14,000 followers.

She revealed the reason for her underwear posts is that she "used to obsessively waste time trying to hide my body for 20+ years of my life."

Lang admitted that in the past, her insecurities stopped her from attending "friends' birthday parties because I didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit, or even a pair of shorts on a hot day because then they’d see my leg."

"I almost didn’t go to my junior high graduation because my prosthetic 'skin' cover wasn’t delivered on time and I didn’t want to wear my dress without a 'real' looking leg," she shared.

According to Lang, taking photos in her underwear has made her "way more comfortable" in her own skin.

"I just became so used to seeing my body in its raw form that I was unfazed wearing dresses, shorts, and swimsuits outside of my home," she recalled.

The 29-year-old's "inspirational comeback" was applauded by fans in the comments.

"Confidence is, in my opinion, the most attractive quality in a person!," an Instagram user commented. "There is nobody in this world that can take that away from you! Just be who you are and love it!"

"A truly inspirational comeback, wow. So well said! Thank you for sharing," another wrote.

"Makes me sad to think back to how much you hid and limited yourself," someone else chimed in. "So happy you found your peace."

"So beautiful," a fan added.

Another penned: "So pretty! Go off!!"

Last month, Lang garnered praise from fans after she shared a powerful poem titled "Dear body," and an update on her health.

"I'm sorry I took you for granted. I'm sorry I never appreciated you to the fullest — when you functioned fully," she wrote alongside a set of photos posing in a brown mesh underwear set. "When you allowed me to walk, run, skip and dance with enjoyment instead of with pain."

The disability advocate explained that in previous weeks, she had been "struggling" with discomfort in her residual limb and trying to "mentally" navigate, as her mobility has been "drastically" impacted.

"I know that with the help of my doctors, we'll hopefully find the root of the problem and how to fix it soon," she added.

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