Canadian amputee Allison Lang opens up about 'pain' in residual limb: 'So strong'

The Montreal-based influencer penned a touching letter to her body, showing herself some self-love.

Allison Lang is apologizing for the times she took her body "for granted."

On Tuesday, the Canadian amputee and influencer took to Instagram with a set of photos posing on her bed in a pair of brown mesh underwear and a matching bralette, paired with a powerful letter to her body.

The 29-year-old also included an update on her health, revealing that she has been struggling with pain and mobility in her residual limb.

"I'm sorry I took you for granted. I'm sorry I never appreciated you to the fullest — when you functioned fully. When you allowed me to walk, run, skip and dance with enjoyment instead of with pain," the disability advocate penned before sharing that she now regrets "not saying more things I loved" about her body when it "mattered most."

"In front of the mirror or when wearing shorts that showed my leg. I love you now and I loved you then. But I'm ready for this life lesson to end."

Lang explained that for the last few weeks, she has been "struggling" with discomfort in her residual limb and trying to "mentally" navigate, as her mobility has been "drastically" impacted.

"I know that with the help of my doctors, we'll hopefully find the root of the problem and how to fix it soon," she added.

Fans showed their support for Lang in the comments of her post.

"This brought us all to tears. Beautifully written, a wonderful self love testimony," one fan penned.

"Stunner," another shared, alongside a red heart emoji. "You are so strong my love. Keep that head up!"

"Let’s hope it’s better soon! Sending love and hugs, cherie," someone wrote.

"I really hope you get the medical care you deserve. Thanks for the reminder, Allison," someone else commented.

Earlier this month, the Montreal-based athlete shared an Instagram Reel of herself working out for the first time in "two months" after a "residual leg injury." She broke a sweat in a pair of brown leggings, a matching sports bra, a white long-sleeve top and white sneakers.

Lang paired the video with a message about appreciating her body's progress, even if she is "healing at a snail's pace."

"If this has taught me anything, it has been to be patient and appreciate what my body can do in the now," she wrote.

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