Canadian amputee encourages fans to 'rock the bikini' in empowering post

Canadian amputee Allison Lang is encouraging her followers to love their bodies. (Photo via Instagram/allisonelang)
Canadian amputee Allison Lang is encouraging her followers to love their bodies. (Photo via Instagram/allisonelang)

Allison Lang is done with hiding her body.

Over the weekend, the Canadian amputee and disability advocate took to Instagram to post a travel video alongside a body positive message that encouraged fans to "wear the bikini."

In the clip, Lang, who was born without the lower half of her left leg, sat on a boat overlooking the Croatian waters. She smiled while taking in the picture-perfect scenery in a black bikini and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

In the caption, the athlete and public speaker opened up about the shame she used to associate with her body, and how she's learned to love herself.

"Don’t hide your body, you’re beautiful. I can’t believe all the life experiences I would have missed out on if I continued to hide my body the way I did when I was younger. Younger me would have made an excuse as to why I couldn’t join friends on a boat or a beach day by the water. But not because of what my friends would think of my body, rather what strangers would think of my disability," she penned. "Please don’t miss out on life experience. Say yes and rock the bikini. You’re perfect the way you are. Differences and all."

In the comments, fans praised Lang's self love message and thanked her for opening up about such an important topic.

"Gorgeous! And such an important message!" wrote a follower.

"Don't ever hide your body, you, and everyone else really, are so beautiful and have so much to show for!" shared someone else.

"Yes! Wear the bikini! No shame! Live life to its fullest potential!" commented another fan.

Last month, the influencer penned an honest and moving message alongside a fitness video for Disability Pride Month, which took place in July.

In the clip, Lang performed barbell hip thrusts, deadlifts and overhead presses in a workout studio. The words: "If you see me working out, please don't congratulate me. I deserve to move my body too," appeared on the screen alongside her sweat session.

In the caption, Lang opened up about living with a disability and how her life should be the same as those who are able-bodied.

"Disabled people don’t need to be congratulated for working out. Or for doing anything in our day to day lives. This feeds in ableism and the expectation that we cannot do these things. It makes us feel unwelcome," she wrote. "Being disabled isn’t a bad thing. Nor is disabled a bad word. Instead, say nothing because we deserve to be in these spaces just as much as you. Imagine a stranger saying 'congratulations' or 'you’re so inspiring' for just doing everyday things. It would make you feel pretty out of place, wouldn’t it?"

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