Canadian TV host praised for inspiring message: 'Be you, do you, for you'

Tanya Kim is inspiring people to
Tanya Kim is inspiring people to "keep shining" and "choose kindness" in their day-to-day life. (Photo via Instagram/tanyakim)

Tanya Kim wants people to embrace their uniqueness.

On Wednesday, the Canada television personality posted an Instagram reel of herself mouthing the words to an inspirational voice-over. The audio said: "You're going to inspire some people, and you're going to piss off the rest. Do it anyway!"

In the clip, the former "etalk" host sat at desk while wearing a denim long-sleeve button up shirt, aqua shorts and round tortoiseshell glasses. To accessorize, Kim added a gold chain necklace as well as two smiley face bracelets.

"This is the energy. You are not for everyone, and that is more than OK. Just think about how boring and dull this world would be if we were simply cookie cut-outs of one another. So just... be you, do you, for you. And always choose kindness and compassion over meanness and inhumanity," Kim wrote in the caption, along with adding several hashtags like "#MentalHealthIsWealth," "#RepresentationMatters" and "MoveWithLove."

Fans were quick to show their appreciation for Kim's inspiring message.

"The haters get upset just seeing how you are effortlessly the one," one fan shared.

"You have inspired me! But I still can’t believe how stunningly gorgeous you are!" added another.

"Only taking advice from you now!" someone replied.

"You inspire me all the time, love," a follower raved while adding four red heart emojis.

"Was it Gary Vaynerchuk who said you need to polarize people? Some people will love you, others will hate you. That’s better than the whole world feeling neither about what you are doing," someone else chimed in, while Kim replied: "Truth!"

This isn't the first time that Kim has taken to social media to help inspire her followers. The Sault Ste. Marie-native often shares Instagram videos that remind people to care of themselves.

"Have you taken a moment to rest, recharge and reflect? If your answer is 'no,' stop what you’re doing right now and join me right here," Kim wrote in a post earlier this month. "Take a deep, slow, 4-count inhale through the nose. Hold at the top for 4-counts. Release a gentle, slow 4-count exhale (sighing out the mouth). Hold at the bottom for 4-counts. Hope that helped to kickstart your batteries!"

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