Canadian influencer Abbey Sharp urges fans to ditch diet apps: 'Helpful tip'

Toronto-based dietitian Abbey Sharp wants people to start respecting their bodies. (Photo via @abbeyskitchen on Instagram)
Toronto-based dietitian Abbey Sharp wants people to start respecting their bodies. (Photo via @abbeyskitchen on Instagram)

Abbey Sharp is putting her foot down against diet apps.

The Toronto-based influencer and dietician took to Instagram on Tuesday to call on her followers to "delete" dieting apps from their phones. She shared an Instagram Reel of herself dancing, with text over the video that read, "The feeling you get when you vow to stop dieting and learn to respect your body even without weight loss," followed by, "MyFitnessPal reminding me to log lunch."

"Delete," she captioned the post for her more than 175,000 followers.

Sharp's video was quickly met with praise from fans for the "helpful tip."

"This is actually such a helpful tip lol. Keeping a diet app on my phone serves no purpose but to make me feel horrible about myself lol," one person wrote, while another commented, "Been there. Over it, and I won't go back again!"

"Literally just now deleted the app. My postpartum and post-op body and mind do not need that negativity," another Instagram user shared.

"Relatable," someone else added.

One person penned: "Love this. Thank you for sharing!"

Sharp is known for combatting diet culture with her body positive content. Naturally, this isn't her first time speaking out on her social media against dieting and, more specifically, calorie counting.

"Calorie counting is a flawed system," she captioned another Instagram Reel of herself dancing, alongside text that read: "Why calorie counting is bull—."

"Calories in vs. calories out isn't the precise science influencers insist it is," she wrote. "Online calorie need calculators are based on really bad science, and don't consider muscle mass, climate, hormonal status, weight history, ethnicity, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and medication use."

"Calories absorbed from food are individualized. Your unique microbiome determines how many calories you absorb," Sharp continued. "Food manufacturer calories listed are estimates. Calories can be legally off by 20 per cent and the formulas used aren't standardized."

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