Canadian influencer Alicia Mccarvell says self-love 'takes patience' in new post

Alicia Mccarvell is detailing her tough journey of self-love. (Photo via @aliciamccarvell on Instagram)
Alicia Mccarvell is detailing her tough journey of self-love. (Photo via @aliciamccarvell on Instagram)

Alicia Mccarvell is opening up about finding self-love.

On Wednesday, the Canadian influencer took to social media to share a video of herself expressing how difficult it was to get out of constant self-loathing. In the clip, the body positivity advocate showed her face while the text, "I wish loving myself didn't take daily work," appeared above her head. Later in the video, Mccarvell included an older photo of herself and added, "Wait... We love ourself?" as on-screen text.

"There was a time in my life where I loathed who I was, and sometimes I get caught off guard by how far I have come," the Halifax-native began in the caption to her post.

"A few years ago loving myself was so out of reach, I couldn’t fathom complaining about the work it takes daily because I never thought I’d get there," Mccarvell continued.

"Any type of love takes patience, communication and hard work — and the love you have for your body is no different."

The TikTok star wrapped her uplifting message with an inspiring note to her followers.

"You just have to keep fighting, until one day, you’re complaining about the hard work instead of the hatred," she wrote.

Fans filled Mccarvell's post on both Instagram and TikTok with comments that share how much the influencer has helped teach them self-love, with some adding notes of encouragement.

"You’ve helped me love myself more than I have before. Thank you!" someone wrote on TikTok, while adding a red heart emoji.

"Self-love is a daily practice for so many people. You’re shining, love," someone else added.

"I feel this on so many levels! You are such an inspirational and motivational human, and I think so many are thankful for you sharing so much real," replied a fan.

"Can I just say how even more beautiful you look now that you love yourself?? The way you carry yourself now is absolutely stunning! It inspires me to love myself more so I, too, can carry my body in a way that it deserves," another person commented on Instagram.

Other people shared their own challenges with body acceptance and confidence.

"I struggle with this. I do OK until I see an unflattering picture or catch a glimpse in the mirror that looks 'ugh.' I’m hoping one day I have the skills to let that go," one fan shared.

"Yep. Currently reminding myself daily that I’m allowed to be seen and heard," another chimed in. "I’m allowed to take up space and have an opinion. I’m allowed to not be so GD critical of everything I say and do for fear of judgement."

However, some people questioned why she struggles with self-love and body image.

"Your husband adores you. Is that not enough? It should be!!!" one fan wrote, where Mccarvell responded by saying, "The love of someone else doesn’t contribute to the love you have for yourself."

Mccarvell often takes to social media to inspire her followers and motivate others to succeed in their lives.

Last week, the influencer took to TikTok to share a video of herself calling out harmful beauty standards.

In the clip, the Nova Scotia-native began lip syncing to a popular Ariana Grande TikTok sound, where the singer says, "I could have said," and then sang, "Wrote some songs about Ricky, never mind that he's trash." Then, Mccarvell stared at the screen and mouthed the words to a different voiceover added to the end: "And I did, I f— said it, and I'll say it again."

On the screen, Mccarvell wrote the words, "I could have said: Beauty standards are trash and hurt both the people who fit them and those who do not" as a play on the TikTok sound.

"Beauty standards are garbage," Mccarvell penned for a caption to the post. "Whether you benefit from them or not, they are harmful."

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