Canadian influencer shows off postpartum body: 'Why am I self conscious?'

The self-love advocate opened up about a recent experience in a clothing store.

Canadian influencer Ariana Christie opened up about her postpartum body on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/arianajoychristie).
Canadian influencer Ariana Christie opened up about her postpartum body on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/arianajoychristie).

Ariana Christie is learning to love her postpartum body.

Over the weekend, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a series of photos of her belly before and after giving birth to her newborn daughter, Cali.

The content creator paired the photos with a message for mothers about body image and self-confidence.

"This week I went dress shopping, which I already find difficult to do while having a body that’s changing." she began in the caption.

The self-love advocate went on to explain that she had her daughter with her while trying on dresses. A sales associate helped her zip up a dress and said: "I’ll get you a bigger size to try too because you’re pregnant right?"

"My heart sank. I had been feeling pretty confident this week about my body and this just absolutely tore me down. I didn’t want her to feel bad but I felt absolutely awful," she revealed.

Christie let the associate know that she wasn't pregnant, but a new mother with a three-month-old baby. The influencer also explained that she previously told the store she was feeling "uncomfortable" and "self-conscious."

"I had made it clear to the sales associate when I walked into the store that I was searching for three dresses and felt uncomfortable in my body as I had a baby a few months prior and was a little self-conscious," she penned.

Christie added that "the message was definitely not relayed to the woman in the change room," so it was "not her fault at all."

The mother-of-three went on to wonder why she was feeling so "self-conscious."

"Why am I self-conscious of this body? Why am I trying to cover up the strongest part of me? Just a few months ago I was proud of my body. I was in awe of its strength. I wore tight clothes and was happy when people commented on my pregnancy belly. But now that I’ve done the most incredible thing, given birth to a human life, I’m embarrassed. Constantly wearing baggy clothes, trying to hide the fact that I had a baby. When really, I should be even more proud now!" Christie explained.

The influencer concluded her caption with an inspirational message.

"So I guess what I'm trying to say is let’s celebrate our bodies in every stage. Let’s be proud of what they are doing each and every day. And let’s not cover up the beauty that they hold," she said.

In the comments, fans thanked Christie for her bravery and for sharing her "stories and experiences."

"Evidence of life and birth and how a brilliant body has done a beautiful job of carrying you and [your children]," commented fellow influencer Sarah Nicole Landry, who also writes about body image, postpartum bodies and motherhood.

"Your body has carried and created three human beings in less than two years. How remarkable is that! Your body is astounding and should be celebrated for the beautiful life it brought into this world," shared someone else.

"Ain't that the truth! You are beautiful and so special for sharing your stories and experiences. Many people relate to you and you are so brave," added another.

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