Canadian influencer Sarah DeMelo announces she is cancer free: 'Best news'

The mom of two says she'll celebrate the news every year.

(Submitted by Sarah DeMelo)
Canadian influencer Sarah DeMelo announced she is cancer-free. (Submitted by Sarah DeMelo)

Sarah DeMelo is celebrating being cancer-free.

The Canadian influencer, 35, marked a significant milestone in her health journey after undergoing surgery to remove a tumour from her salivary gland in January.

Alongside a mirror selfie, the mom-of-two included two heartfelt poems reflecting on her journey.

"The remedy that has kept me alive and prolonged my life robbed the foundation of my identity, my character, my being, and I didn't know gratitude and grief could stem from the same branch. They call this a doubled-edged sword because in order to kill it, a piece of me had to go with it," the first poem read. The second echoed, "Healing is hard. But so is constantly, desperately trying to hold yourself together."

In the caption, DeMelo announced her latest scans showed no sign of cancer, writing, "I am what they call NED (No evidence of disease). Cue the confetti!"

"This is the best possible news I could get because of the nature of my cancer," she explained. "I’ll have scans every three months for the rest of my life to keep on top of it and make sure it stays away."

DeMelo feels "extremely grateful and blessed" to have received such a positive update on her health, despite still having "a lot of healing to do."

"Today is a day to celebrate and a special day I will mark in my calendar every year!"

In the comments, fans shared supportive messages congratulating DeMelo on the news.

"I have no words except pure joy in reading this news — for you, your boys, Brad, your family, and most importantly, your bright future," a fan commented.

Another person penned: "You deserve this!"

"Good news only! So incredibly happy for you. You did it, mama!," a fan added.

"Amazing news," wrote another.

DeMelo first noticed something unusual under her chin in July 2022, but initially chose to "brush it off," she admitted in an interview in May 2023.

She eventually sought medical attention in September 2022. An ultrasound, and later a CT scan, revealed swollen lymph nodes, but doctors, wanting to be thorough, ordered an MRI.

On Jan. 26, 2023, the Oakville, Ont.-based content creator endured an "awful" MRI session and the following morning, her family doctor delivered the startling news that they discovered a tumour in her salivary gland.

"I opened up the report and... the words 'highly concerning' were everywhere." Plunged into fear and uncertainty, she underwent a neck dissection to remove glands and lymph nodes on the left side.

Her doctors were "fairly certain" the tumor was cancerous. "I always try to remain hopeful and positive, but of course, I'm scared… there's still so much unknown," she recalled, adding:

"That was probably the worst night. I went down a really dark hole… things like, 'am I going to be around for my kids?'"

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