Canadian influencer says she felt 'shame' in golf attire: 'I felt very concerned'

Christine Laraine is opening up about body image.

On Tuesday, the self-love advocate took to Instagram to share an inspirational message with her 42,000 followers about not letting insecurities take over your life.

In the post, the Vancouver-based content creator shared a photo of her thighs while sitting in a golf cart. She paired the image with a caption about how she doesn't believe golf attire was designed for her body.

"Golf has never felt like a sport for my body type. Or at least I have never had the confidence or felt I could look the part," she penned after revealing she played her first game of the sport.

"Prior to, I was googling 'women’s golf outfits' and was met with many images of gorgeous, legs-for-days girls, rocking the classic skort and polo look," Laraine wrote. "So when I put on my polo and skirt, I felt shame."

She admitted that her legs have always been an insecurity as she wished she had "long, toned, slender legs that looked good in anything⁣."

"For some reason, I thought that when I put on the golf clothes, I would magically appear like how I envisioned," the social media star continued. "At the start of golf, I felt very concerned about my cellulite being visible, or how my legs jiggled when I moved."

Despite this, she started to enjoy the game as it "created a great distraction, while also being with good company. There were still moments where I caught myself looking down at my legs, but there were also so many moments of laughter."

"I had a really fun day, but the way I perceived my body made in a little bit harder," Laraine concluded. "But I still went!"

Laraine's post was met with supportive comments from fans who applauded her honesty.

"It's so important not to let our insecurities stop us from living life and having experiences like this. Having thick thighs should never hold you back or prevent you from trying new things. Thank you for this reminder!" one fan commented.

Another wrote: "This gives me hope for myself one day."

"This is a great self-reflection topic," a fan pointed out. "For me, I’ve grown up loving sports and have never even considered how my body looked while doing the sport in that sense...Good for you for recognizing it, honouring it, and doing the damn thing regardless. Sports should be for everyone!"

"I started golfing during COVID and have just been having fun buying cute outfits! They’re not always the most flattering but I remind myself I’m there for me and no one else so it doesn’t matter how I look, just that I’m out with friends and having fun!" another shared.

Last month, Laraine shared another body positive post about having "bad body image days."

The influencer shared a makeup-free video while posing in a pair of green leggings.

"Healthy bodies can look like this," the on-screen text read, followed by "and this," as she adjusted the waist of her pants to reveal her stomach.

"When your favourite sports bra feels oddly tight around the arms and you can’t move comfortably," she added. "When you can’t stop analyzing your tummy in the mirror, regretting and wondering if you ate too poorly...I have the power to deem it to be enough while I work through this heavy sh—, so here’s to being good enough."

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