Canadian influencer Spencer Barbosa admits she struggles with 'hate comments' about her body as she opens up about body image, work & more

The Toronto influencer shared she often internalizes negative comments about her body.

Spencer Barbosa attends the World Premiere of
Canadian influencer Spencer Barbosa is sharing her personal struggles. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty)

Spencer Barbosa is keeping it real with her Instagram followers. On Thursday, the Canadian influencer opened up to her followers about the issues she struggles with and dispel the illusion of perfection often associated with social media.

"Hate comments about my body hurt. I try to shake it off. But I see them, I read them and I internalize them," the 21-year-old wrote, admitting she also struggles with imposter syndrome and frequently compares herself to other influencers.

"I was so excited to move out and now I kind of regret it?," Barbosa, who lives in Toronto, said. "I miss my family so much and living almost four hours apart is so hard. I think about my decision constantly."

In a separate photo, she shared an intimate selfie of herself crying, writing, "Seasonal sadness hits me hard and it leaves me feeling extremely alone."

The content creator confessed she struggles to find a balance between work and her personal life, writing, "I feel so guilty if I put my phone away and don't film for the day. I have no balance and now my screen time is 12 hours."

Barbosa wrapped up her post with a caption, reiterating that social media is a highlight reel and much more goes on behind the scenes. She urged her followers to spread positivity, writing: "When I started this account I promised myself to always keep it real and be unapologetically me. If you're struggling just know you're not alone!

"Spread some positivity down below. Just because someone else is 'struggling' more than you doesn't make your feeling invalid or hurt any less," she assured her followers.

Fans met her post with praise and supportive messages in the comments.

Canadian TV host Tracy Moore commented: "All so relatable," while another person shared: "Struggling here with loneliness, anxiety and depression. You are not alone."

"The imposter syndrome and screen time as an influencer hits hard for me," one person said. "Like, this is how I make my living but it’s so in my face all the time."

"You gave me a spark of self-love, self-compassion and so much more! any time I think bad about myself and especially about my body," another wrote. "I look at your profile and see that I’m just not alone and life is so much more than a body! Thank you for being here and giving me lots of hope! It’s just crazy how much you changed my way of thinking… I feel like we’re old good friends."

In January, Barbosa shared another "raw and honest" post with her fans about the difference between posed and candid photos.

Alongside photos of herself in a pink bandeau and maxi skirt set, she included an on-screen message highlighting how poses and angles impact photography and alter perceptions of body image.

"The angle you see," she wrote next to the posed photo. Paired with a more candid photo she wrote, "The angle you don't."

Barbosa reflected on the importance of self-acceptance beyond photo editing, flattering angles and good lighting in her caption, writing, "You could shoot from the best angles, change lighting, use filters or even photoshop your photos but if at the end of the day you don't love what you look like without all that jazz… none of it matters."

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