Canadian influencer Spencer Barbosa praised for being 'raw and honest no matter what' in post about body image

The self-love advocate encouraged loving yourself without perfect angles and editing.

Spencer Barbosa attends the World Premiere of
Canadian influencer Spencer Barbosa compared posed and candid photos of herself alongside a body-positive message. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Spencer Barbosa is showing her fans the difference between posed and candid photos.

In a heartfelt and body-positive post, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram on Monday with a photos of herself in a pink bandeau and maxi skirt set, comparing various poses and angles to emphasize the power of photography in altering perceptions of body image.

"The angle you see," the on-screen text reads next to the posed photo. Alongside a more candid photo she wrote, "The angle you don't."

In her caption, Barbosa reflected on the importance of self-acceptance beyond photo editing, flattering angles and good lighting.

"You could shoot from the best angles, change lighting, use filters or even photoshop your photos but if at the end of the day you don't love what you look like without all that jazz… none of it matters," Barbosa penned.

In the comments, fans applauded the self-love advocate's commitment to authenticity.

"I love this vibe. It reminds me to love myself," an Instagram user wrote.

"So important! I wish I saw posts like this when I was younger and would compare myself! Thank you," another commented.

"You are always so cute, at all angles. Thank you for always being so real," a fan added.

"Thank you for being raw and honest no matter what. It makes a difference for so many people. You're an inspiration!" someone chimed in.

In December, the Toronto-based content creator shared another inspirational post with her Instagram followers, opening up about how learning self-acceptance helped her achieve her dream life.

Alongside a set of side-by-side photos showcasing the stark contrast between posed and relaxed moments in a swimsuit, she included on-screen text that reads, "How far will hating myself get me?"

In her caption, Barbosa detailed the potential consequences of self-hate, writing, "Hating myself led me to constantly doubt myself, compare myself, find myself in unhealthy relationships, and hold myself back from amazing opportunities because I didn't think I deserved them!"

She reflected on how much further self-love has gotten her instead, sharing, "It's helped me build my dream life with my dream career, incredible friendships, and an amazing partner."

"Stop comparing yourself to others. No, you don't look like her, but also she doesn't look like you. It's not a comparison competition. You're different, you'll always be different. That's that," Barbosa concluded.

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