Canadian TikToker slammed for 'behind the times' video: 'Help out your wife'

Mackenzie and his wife share four boys all under five years old.

Canadian TikToker Phil Mackenzie (L) is being slammed for a
Canadian TikToker Phil Mackenzie (L) is being slammed for a "behind the times" video featuring his wife, Brodie (R). (Photo via Instagram/leansquad)

A Canadian TikToker is hitting back at comments about his "behind the times" video.

Earlier this month, Phil Mackenzie, a former professional rugby player and the founder of LEANSQUAD, took to TikTok to share a video of his wife, Brodie, working out.

Mackenzie and his wife share four boys all under five years old.

In the clip, the personal trainer filmed his wife doing an aerobic workout in their living room, which was filled with children's toys and snacks.

In the caption, the fitness guru pointed out that their "house was a disaster" and his wife felt like there was a "million" things to do.

"Today I walked in on my wife working out while out newborn napped. Our house was a disaster. Dishes needed to be cleaned. Laundry needed to be done. A million other things she felt she had to do," he penned to his 773,000 followers.

Mackenzie went on to explain that he was "proud" of Brodie for taking time to herself.

"Yet I could not be more proud. Instead she decided to take just a little time to herself that she deserved 10 times over," he said. "Always remember that you deserve time to yourself. The mess and chores can always wait, but your mental health should never be sacrificed."

In the comments, people pointed out that while his wife enjoyed a much-needed sweat session, Mackenzie himself could have gotten a head start on the chores.

"Dude, what? While she's doing this do the laundry. The dishes. Anything!" commented a follower.

"If this clip doesn’t just sum up a mom doing it all at once I don't know what does," shared someone else.

"Excuse me? If you cleaned while she did this, both of y'all could relax afterwards," added another.

"This is truly so behind the times, I can't even comprehend it," wrote a TikTok user.

"I hope this guy reads the comments so he can get some ideas on how to help out your wife," said a fan.

However, in an interview with Yahoo Canada, Mackenzie revealed that some people took his video in the wrong direction.

"I was just proud of my wife and thought that it was a cool thing to share for other moms. I saw that people took it the wrong way ... I was trying to convey the message that women feel a responsibility to take care of everyone else first, then themselves second," he said.

Mackenzie added that the duo tackled the mess and chores together later in the day, which is something that wasn't expressed in the video.

"However, if she didn't take the time to workout, she might not have gotten to it with other family things going on. I was proud of her for taking care of herself, that's all I was trying to convey," he added.

When the negative comments started to arise, Mackenzie was initially disheartened. But thanks to his wife, he's learned to turn the other cheek.

"Most of the posts I do are about parenting, taking care of yourself or about positivity — this one included. The comments can definitely be hurtful and crazy, and I used to get caught up in them. But my wife helps me remember that these comments aren't worth a second of my time. I move past it now," he said.

"Ultimately, I want women to put themselves first. I will continue to put out empowering content and try not to worry about what people think," he added. "I know that we tackle things together as a family, and I just want to help people balance fitness, family and life."

Despite the heat from the earlier clip, over the weekend Brodie took to Instagram to share a video compilation of her, Phil and her children in the house, going on walks and trying to sleep.

The post was dedicated to the "real" side of parenting complete with mess, sickness and exhaustion.

"Welcome to the side of parenting Instagram where we keep our s— real. Our house is messy more than it’s clean. Our kids are sick more than they are healthy. We cry because we are exhausted. Sometimes lunch is a bowl of goldfish. When we try and do something nice, it usually ends up in screams and we don’t show an unrealistic world of parenting," she wrote to her 124,000 followers.

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